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In the volatile global marketplace, the world is getting smaller, competition more intense, and business travel more expensive. Internet is deluging even your mobile phone with tsunami of information, little of which is of any help in building a model of sustainable and profitable export business.

To build a profit centre out of export business, you need to be able to offer right product at right price to the right buyer in a right way at the right time. And of course, the good old system of personal rapport, which still pay a significant role in overseas buying decisions. 

EXIM UNIVERSAL is the right anchoring place to find moorings for your export marketing aspirations. With our combined 30 years of global business experience, expertise, knowledge base, and business connections, we can help New Zealand companies build marketing and distribution channels specifically in West Asian markets like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and the GCC countries of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

At EXIM UNIVERSAL, we do a thorough job of the task we undertake. If you are a commodity convertor like a dairy producing solids and other derivatives, or a fruit processing unit, the least you would want is piles of erratic moving inventories. We have capabilities to help you build a sustainable export business. We start by finding the right market slot and then systematically establish export marketing network which can generate substantial export orders on regular basis. And we can do this at no cost to you. 

However, we believe our business contacts and marketing networks are like blank cheques and therefore need to be careful to work with only those companies that deliver on product range, quality, delivery and business terms. If you have received an e‐Mail from EXIM UNIVERSAL, it indicates we have a definite export business plan for your product category, where we have already done considerable groundwork and are in a position to bring you export orders on a fast track. We invite you to further explore with us with an open heart, detailing your company’s product supply capabilities, quality control systems, delivery scenarios, your sales targets that can be sustained by you at production levels, and of course your export market aspirations. Rest assured, we can deliver you results.

Current New Zealand product range which are on our fast track export programme are :

  1. Basic dairy products and all it’s down stream derivatives
  2. Fresh and processed horticultural products
  3. Processed marine products
  4. Processed fast food products
  5. Extractions or formulations for the pharma, nutritional and cosmetics industries and markets
  6. Turnkey project suppliers to establish large scale dairy farms and relative downstream processing and packing units.
  7. Joint venture partners to set up large scale dairy farm in some of the most promising overseas markets
  8. Unique technical and non‐technical products, equipments and processes.

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