For overseas companies interested in expanding their sales into the New Zealand marketplace, EXIM UNIVERSAL with their in-depth knowledge of diverse market segments of the New Zealand marketplace and extensive business connections, is your gateway in building brand value and achieve optimum market share through EXIM UNIVERSAL’s efficient sales, distribution and after-sales service network across New Zealand.

For New Zealand companies EXIM UNIVERSAL is the right connection to explore and expand into the international marketplace through EXIM UNIVERSAL’s business connections built with over 30 years of international trade, which can bring faster and regular export orders for a wide variety of New Zealand’s natural resources based products. EXIM UNIVERSAL provides comprehensive services to New Zealand exporters, right from market research to getting export sales contracts, and undertaking full responsibility and organizing fulfillment of financial and logistics obligations arising out of export sales orders. EXIM UNIVERSAL’s business associates have combined 30 years of global trade experience and in-depth knowledge of diverse commodities, engineering products, process chemicals, lumber and sawn wood products merchandise trade, turnkey project exports and in organizing financing for such turnkey projects. We are also exporters of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap from New Zealand and Australia.

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