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For many overseas companies, New Zealand’s geographic remoteness, smaller size of the population, market volume, and higher cost of business travel, are deterrents in building export to New Zealand. For such overseas exporting companies EXIM UNIVERSAL is the answer to build sales, distribution and after-sales service network in the New Zealand marketplace through EXIM UNIVERSAL’s in-depth knowledge of the diverse market segments of the New Zealand marketplace and extensive business connections across New Zealand.

If you have received an e‐Mail from EXIM UNIVERSAL, it is an indication that after market research we have come to the conclusion that there are business opportunities for your company in New Zealand, and that our basic infrastructure are in place to provide you result oriented services in organizing marketing, sales, distribution, and after‐sales‐services for your product range.

Each business opportunity have it’s own unfolding scenario. We welcome you to explore further with us with an open heart and tell us what your aspirations about the New Zealand marketplace are.

There are two systems on which EXIM UNIVERSAL operate:

  1. Exclusive Distributorship – Where entire import, marketing, sales, distribution and after sales servicing is provided by EXIM UNIVERSAL directly as the importer
  2. Exclusive Sales & Servicing Agency – EXIM UNIVERSAL work as sales agents where a very large volume of business is involved with OEM and bulk buyers by helping obtain direct purchase orders from multiple of product niche clients, and thereafter drive distribution through such volume buyers across New Zealand, and thence provide man‐on‐the‐spot coordination services like ensuring fulfillment of business contract like timely opening Letters of Credits by buyers and purchase order documentation as per overseas company’s mandatory requirements and periodically refresh overseas companies on marketing scenario in New Zealand.

We may work either way with you.

We are currently seeking overseas suppliers for the following product range:

  1. All agro, chemical and mineral based inputs for the animal feeds
  2. All inputs for agricultural and horticultural farms like pesticides and fertilisers
  3. Equipment and spare parts for farming, horticulture, construction and transportation industry
  4. Plastic raw materials and products for agricultural, industrial and consumer packaging
  5. Stainless Steel fittings for dairy, wine, beverage and food industry
  6. Home decor products like ceramic and marble tiles, sanitary ware and fittings
  7. Brass and Copper fittings for electrical and plumbing markets

Rest assured, our result oriented business strategy based on in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, our market development expertise, and our business connections, will help position your company as a prime exporter to the New Zealand marketplace.

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